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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Krypt Grip Update

After one of the most amazing runs of surf in the history of the planet the Captain is final back on deck.
WELL ...the surf had to drop sooner or later.!!!!! and the Captain never misses out.
So heres the latest Krypt Grip update.
The MT5 is the lightest surfmat available so to maintain that super sensitivity to the oceans energy care should be taken when applying your grip.
Here a great example from our mate in the USA ....Ara Peterson.
The diagonal pattern maintains the flexibility of the mat with minimal weight gain.
Heres what he had to say.

I've been getting in some good time on that fresh mt5 I can confirm the grip job is working very well. I ended up using a 3m fast cure marine adhesive sealant. Still able to slide it under me forward or backward for stalling or early take offs and has excellent all around grip and its holding up so far. The design allows the nylon material to flex and move naturally and is light weight. 

Great Job Ara!
Also notice in this shot is Are,s VDUCK modification to his Voit Duck Feet swim fins.
I asked him if he could tell the difference.

I'm having a hard time deciding if I can sense to much of a difference.Possibly a more even stroke when digging in deep to the water kicking off. I like the flat ruler cut because it's more aesthetically functional, allows me to stand them up on the bumper of the the astro van!

Well I,ll leave you all to make your own mind up on that.
For me their fine just the way they are.
So me salty sea dogs and me marvelous mermaids, Equinox is just around the corner and if the doldrums continue you might hear a bit more from the Captain but it is cyclone season so the Captain could disappear at any time on another adventure .

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