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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Surfmat for Kids II

The Captain never ceases to be amazed watching my guys learn to surf on a high tech  surfmat.          It instills in the young ones a true love for the ocean and surfing. Learning to surf with no leash teaches them to trust in their own ability and gives them a confidence in themselves to  get out the back and search out and find their own waves in the line up. 

There's no hurry learning to surf. Just let them discover surfing themselves and develop their skills at their own pace. Make it FUN.

Here my 6 year old grandson Jake lights up a green water hyper burn to set up the inside section.     Surf Mats harness the hidden vortex energy with in the wave and are sucked along at speed effortlessly. Jake says it tickles his belly yeah it does and the faster you go the more it tickles.


In this video shot on the Winter Solstice in 2014,  Jake gives a look at how relaxed and confident he is getting in his surfing. He shows us how much fun and joyful the simple act of sliding across a wave on a surfmat can be. Exposing them to natures energy and beauty are memories they will carry with them forever.

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