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Saturday, 23 August 2014


On the Summer Solstice, in the 10th year of the Second Millenium...

The Star Gate of Atlantis Opened

Born on a Total Lunar Eclipse, with a Blood Full Moon                                                                                                                          

  The Star Child Spiral Brain Came to Earth

Introducing Ryan Bailey Spiral Brain Thomson

Whats it feel like to come through a Stargate and be on Planet Earth  Spiral..???

The Captain is Spirals Earth Guide and has been charged with the task of training the younglings in the ways of Atlantis.

So let the Fun begin.


        The Captain says....... 

Its important to let the younglings catch their own waves under their own power!!!



Meanwhile ......Jake glides like a dolphin on a liquid vortex of electromagnetic energy. 


The Captain says....." Pull on the Corner"..... SPIRAL!!!

 Whats it feel like to Ride a Surfmat Spiral?

A Universe of Potential in Everyone of Us.

Spiral Says...........Jake thinks he,s a Super Hero!!!


Ever had a dream you could fly....????



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