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Monday, 24 March 2014

3rd Generation DNA Runs Deep


The Jake Bailey Thomson Story


The Captain Says

It helps if you start learning to ride a Surfmat early! 




One day my Grand Pa said lets go to the beach.
It was a sunny day and the water was warm
My POP gave me a funny looking thing to play with.
Here you go Jakey here is a Jelly Fish for you.
The Jelly Fish was all soft and wobbly
I played with the Jelly Fish in the water and it was fun.
Then Grand Pa said hop on that Jelly Fish and ride a wave with him.
But I was scared.
The big tube is coming to get me POP….. the big tube is coming to get me.
But POP just laughed and said its ok Jakey its only baby bubbles in here there’s no big tubes today.
Pop gave me a little push and I was zooming across the water
It was so much fun
I had the best day ever with my Grand Pa  and now I have a new best friend
My Jelly Fish
Thanks Grand Pa for teaching me to Surf

But Time soon Passes and a Sea Monster is Born
A surfmat gives your children a love of the ocean and a natural sense of belonging in the ocean.


The Worlds first tandem Surfmat ride at Lennox Point.               


Jake has continued his surf mat riding lessons and has become quite water wise and understands already which waves to go for and how to turn the mat by pulling on the corner. Through riding tandem Jake has acquired knowledge way beyond his years. He is also used to the speed and timing of a wave, duck diving, wiping out and enjoying the flogging game that we play. 

"Was that a big flogging or little flogging Pop?"
"No. Jakey that was just baby bubbles!"

The buoyancy vest is a great aid for instilling confidence in your young ones. Jake has a natural affinity with the ocean and at 4 year old was the youngest rider ever to surf the point at Lennox Head.                                                                                

Check out the 5 images below.

Shall we do it Jakey?  Jake says his little prayer..........  Please Heaven can I come in and play with no blood!!!

Yeh Pop! Let's go for it !
Jake holds the mat when we go in off the rocks. The patience ,timing and  making the decision to jump is a pricless skill.

Get your head down Jakey!

Cover up!

Can we do that again soon?

The Captain Says
The time with your young ones is precious.Don,t waste a minute of it.

Now at 5 years old Jake has developed into a strong young waterman. Learning to surf with out a leash has given him the confidence and swimming ability to handle most conditions. Knowing what to do if he looses his mat and where the mat has gone, to be relaxed and calm while under stress and pressure to work with the ocean not against it.



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